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  Moving beyond India’s brain drain

The India vs. China has been raging for years, which one will develop faster and which model is more successful? Over the past year China’s growth has slowed to around eight percent, instead of the average ten percent it achieved …

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  Landmark Gene Patenting Ruling

On June 12, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that human genes cannot be patented, a decision that upsets more than 30 years of U.S. patent law and has wide implications for gene patenting worldwide.  The ruling differentiated between genes …

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  U.S. Response to Pakistani Drone Ruling

The presence of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles, in the Middle East has been a highly contentious issue since the Bush administration, when they were first used for the killing of suspected terrorists. With the election of the Barack Obama, …

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  The Arms Trade Treaty

Introduction A global arms treaty has long been debated amongst the United Nations countries, yet many doubted it would actually happen. On April 2, 2013, the UN voted overwhelmingly to create an international arms trade treaty that imposes new limits …

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  Hydraulic Fracturing: a Practice Hidden Beneath Murky Waters

The Japanese artist, and widow of the late John Lennon, among other celebrities, started a campaign in an attempt to sway public opinion against fracking (Artists against fracking). In spite of the lack of hydraulic fracturing data, government policy was …

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  Gangnam Style Takes the World by Storm

The song “Gangnam style” by Korean pop (K-Pop) star Psy has surpassed all previous Internet milestones and is now the most-watched video ever on YouTube. As of December 25th, the video was watched more than one billion times. From politicians …

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  Value of a College Education

In the past year, U.S. newspapers and magazines are highlighting success stories of students who choose not to attend or complete college, as well as articles critical of the value of higher education.  Furthermore, the growth of free online sites …

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  Oil and Natural Gas: The Next Economic Boom?

Oil and natural gas are two of the world’s most prominent energy sources, accounting for 60 percent of the world’s energy needs (National Energy Board, 2012). The U.S. share in the production of these resources is growing. Oil production in …

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  Four More Years: Globalization and Obama’s Second Term

After a resounding win in the 2012 presidential elections, President Obama faces many hard choices in his second term.  In the short term, finding a solution to prevent the fiscal cliff will be the first priority of the administration. If …

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