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  Sochi 2014: Russia, Globalization, and the Olympics

As preparations are underway for the most expensive games in Olympic history, Russia faces quite a few globalization challenges. Some challenges are directly related to government policy, such as a recent law passed in the Duma that strips protections given …

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  What the Pope’s Trip to Brazil means for World Catholics

In his first overseas trip as the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis sought to repair the tarnished image of the Catholic Church at a time when it is increasingly seen as being out of touch. Francis, who is …

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  The Argo Argument

Background Oscar winning movie, Argo, has angered Iranians. Some plan to sue Hollywood, claiming that the film portrays an “anti-Iranian” sentiment and a distorted version of the actual events (Karimi 2013). Argo declared it is “based on true story.” The …

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  Cyprus Bailout: An Anomaly or a Sign of a New Polarized EU?

For twelve days in March, banks in Cyprus were closed for business. Tough capital controls meant that people, companies, and governments were unable to make deposits or remove funds from their accounts during this period. Ordinary Cypriots worried about buying gas for …

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  South Korea: Trying to Become a Tiger Once Again

The inauguration of Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s first female president ushers in a new chapter in Korea’s history. Park Geun-hye is the daughter of former president (and dictator) Park Chung-hee and served for five years as first lady when her …

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  TAFTA: A Tran-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement

The blogosphere sprang into action after President Obama announced in the State of the Union plans to pursue a free trade agreement with Europe. While negotiations between Europe and the United States took place multiple times over the last two …

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  Gangnam Style Takes the World by Storm

The song “Gangnam style” by Korean pop (K-Pop) star Psy has surpassed all previous Internet milestones and is now the most-watched video ever on YouTube. As of December 25th, the video was watched more than one billion times. From politicians …

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  Inequality, Income and Race: Affirmative Action in Developing Nations

At the end of August 2012, as students prepared to return to universities in northern parts of Brazil for the new semester,  President Dilma Rousseff signed the new Law of Social Quotas, a sweeping decree on the nation’s policies of …

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  Anti-Muslim Film: Behind the Violent Response

The murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three aides on September 11th and the attempted take-over of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was blamed on a trailer for an anti-Muslim film, Innocence of Muslims, which was released on …

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